Dangerous Path

Dangerous path

leads to mysterious things that cause death

no one can hear you

no one sees you

all alone in this dangerous path

friends told don’t go that route it’s not what you think

dangerous paths

get turned into thrillers

suspense like fillers

dark, alone, scared

Should’ve listen

then you wouldn’t be here

no way out

lost in way of danger

caught in the path of fire

seen by rays of fear

although you look brave enough to kill

not strong enough to build

dangerous path

leads to dangerous


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Distrust, dishonest, dis everything that goes with distrust

still can’t be trustworthy

distrust,to be trusted is hard

it can take years even months to gain trust

to lose trust is easy lives gain on lust and rust

but to gain is hard

the world of distrust is a world full off old retired dust

no cleaning is provided no friends no one to actually help you

because if (distrust)

distrust, lust, rust, dust,

Remember this world is not for you or me


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This Way

This way is the road to life

This way is the road to death

This way is the way to nothing but clouds ans seas

This way is my way of writing

This way is a way of ways

This way is where I start a new beginning

You may not agree with my ways

and that is okay

whatever works for me works for me

This way helps me get through hard times

This way is my way and it’s going to stay that way.


feel horrible when I think about Mary being mocked for unnatural conception of Jesus
suffered excruciating pain when crucified because of the traitor Judas
an amazing man who had to suffer for the wrongdoings of people
have had a heart-warming connection with the Savior for years

some sources quote Archangel Micheal possessing the spirit of Christ
feel glad when I imagine him returning to Earth to destroy evil
trust him to guide me in the most righteous ways for betterment
always dream of being part of his force when he returns to rule

a great man who faced countless obstacles in his lifetime
must have been extremely difficult for him to hear people speak ill of Mary
Jesus will take his mother’s revenge and destroy Lucifer and his network forever
good shall win and the Savior, I believe, shall play a very vital role.

Poem By: Arbab

This is authors link to his profile

I took the time out to ask this person to if he wanted his poem

featured on my channel? Well he said yes I love sharing peoples lovely poems they make me realize how creative people are.

A cups Best Friend


A Cups Best Friends

I was loneley

I had no one but hoomans who took care of like I was a just regular cup

I was always dirty and never clean

I was always place in different areas besides the cabinet where I belong

but one day I was sent away to bar stool

that was cool I guess

I was excited but also was sad because they didn’t want me

but that all changed when I met someone beautiful somone who seemed so nice and sweet

her name was coffee cup

the smell of espresso

the smell decaf

she was so nice

twice as the number six dice

we became friends

not just any friends

Best friends

And ever since then

I felt awesome and welcomed like I belonged

A cups best friends

yup that’s me

and I longed to be that forever and ever

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Fire Burns

Fire turns on me

Fire is Fire

Fire is not friendly

nor worthy of me

fire is eternal not external

fire burns liars

fire is connected

undone wires

fire is no home

for people

fire is flame

that will burn scare

fire is fire not matter what

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Shattered Hearts

You were a heart breaker

a heart tosser

A heart feeder

but I didn’t want to believe that

You were a love blinder

A eye catcher

A breathe taker

I did want to experience that

But all that went away

when you shattered hearts of gold

shattered beautiful souls

thought it was getting old

but I guess not anymore

You shattered my heart

You broke my mind

I went crazy for you

turns out it was just a lie

I trusted you

but didn’t realize you was trust bender

I believe in you

but didn’t think you would crush my dream

Shattered hearts

Shattered words

never again I would face those wars

Shattered hearts

Shattered lips

The word the vibes that come from those tips

Shattered world shattered home

Shattered roads

everything that I ever touched was shattered

Shattered Hearts.

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Lost Girl

I am a lost

in a lost world

I am a lost girl

with unspoken words

I am lost in the world

full unknown people

unknown languages

I am a lost girl who

has no idea where she is or from

lost girl is all I am mysterious

girl is who I am

lost girl lost world

lost communication

no identification

I am the lost girl

the who is lost and can’t not be found

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No Words

No words

No verbs

No lies

No vibes

My words are silenced through nerds

My words are sliced through a knife

My words are burned like fire attached to a wire

No words no foundation

No sound of carnation

No words No words

can’t laugh, don’t speak

can’t talk

No words to


No words pour No words

No words just silence

No words No lips

No lips

No tips to print

No words

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Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Broken Tones

can’t speak

always surrounded by

broken bones

broken horns

to loud to hear

to much fear

broken bones

broken toes

nowhere to go

no one to show

I have been through

this broken



doesn’t matter

cause we are all broken bones.

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